About Mark Winkley

Since joining the Golf Digest Schools in 1986,  Mark Winkley has taught not only in the United States, but also in Thailand, Australia, Europe and Singapore. He has established a reputation for teaching sound mechanics with an emphasis on growing the game of golf.

During Mark’s 26 years of teaching, he has worked under the tutelage of renowned teachers such as Davis Love Jr., Bob Toski, Chuck Cook and Tom Ness. While on staff with Golf Digest, Mark has authored numerous articles including: "The Lob: A Tough Shot Made Simple" in October 1996, “Breaking 100, 90 and 80”, and “Center your Pivot”. In March of 1997 Mark was featured on the cover of Golf Digest for the "What Every Golfer Needs to Know" special section.

Mark is presently the Director of Instruction at The Estancia Club in Scottsdale, AZ. in the winter months. He has also taught at Ocean Edge Resort on Cape Cod, the Linkside Golf Center in Birmingham (AL), and the Northcrest Academy of Golf in Atlanta (GA)

PGA Tour players that Mark has worked with include Pat Perez, Chez Reavie and Eric Meirdierks on the PGA Tour. He has worked with Ted Purdy (PGA Tour), and Dale Douglass (Senior PGA Tour). He also works with a number of Mini Tour players including Trevor Murphy, Jonathan Krick.

2012 South West Section PGA Teacher Of The Year!

Teaching Philosophy
 My teaching goals include achieving a square club face; a straight plane line thought he ball and an effective radius.
The straight plane means, that the club does not travel from outside the ball crossing to the left or too much from the inside and traveling to the  right of the ball. You would like to have the club swing straight through the ball, not across it.

An effective radius means, that when the the clubface is on the ball at impact the shaft is in line with the lead arm. If the clubhead is past the lead arm the radius is not effective and solid hits will not be possible.

Things that I consider when giving a lesson are what the student's goals are; how much time he/she will commit to practice and play When these are identified, I will come up with a plan of action as to how to improve their  game based on their input.