Mark winkley's Tour coaching program
The tour coaching program was created based on my experience coaching PGA Tour players.  It is imperative when coaching tour
graduates of the tour coaching programs and avid lesson takes are in this years most improved handicaps of the 201 5 2016 Estancia's Club membership. players that all of the short game shots as well as the full swing work seamlessly for tournament play. Implementing any changes to the course in playing conditions has always been the challenge for both the amateur and Professional.

Consequently, I developed the personal coaching program with this in mind. Every week I am on course with you 
implementing any swing or short game adjustments. A common response I hear is it is good on the range but not the course. This program starts to eliminate those challenges as we put the changes into play.

Graduates of the Tour Coaching Program and avid lesson takers are in this years Most Improved handicaps of the 2015- 2016 Estancia's Club membership. 

Rank Local # Name
1 2840 Brock, Kristine
2 2682 Watson, Angie
3 309 Hertz, Jeanne
4 2726 Rominger, Eileen
5 2462 Croghan, Deb
6 2687 Ochs, Devra
7 2794 Moon, Pamela
8 2677 Dwyer, Kathy
9 2781 Jourdain, Ray
10 315 Hertz, Frank
11 2829 Kortz, Gary
12 2817 Kessler, Martin
13 2757 Tensfeldt, Bill
14  2576  Norick, Kandy

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Feedback on The Tour coaching program
It is clearly a different way of teaching golf and I think it works well for someone who is able to give it some focus and practice/playing time commitment.  It has been incredibly helpful to me. My basic swing is vastly improved and this has positively affected every aspect of my game--from short game to drives.  Equally important to me has been a new ability to diagnose WHAT is going wrong when I start to struggle on the course.  Most of the time I'm able to get the problem at least partly fixed.  The bad habits don't stay away forever, but usually I can recognize what's going wrong now.

It is great that practice time is more time efficient and smarter now.  I have a better routine for incorporating short game practice with putting and long game practice.  Because I have weekly focus areas that are specific to my game NOW, and some formal drills, the practice itself is much more goal-oriented rather than rote hitting.

There is a lot of email and text dialogue with you in between sessions, as I've been posting you after almost every round on what has gone well and what has gone poorly.  Our follow up work on side-hill lies was a recent example of how that has been helpful.  I find this conversation to be great--it keeps me focused on the right things.

Even though the process of learning golf can be incredibly frustrating to me at times as I fall back into bad habits or forget what I learned last week, I appreciate that you're very calm about taking it back to the basic swing and getting me back on track.  You never pretend that there are any shortcuts and you don't let me me get away with anything.  Yet at the same time it is very positive.

My confidence on the course, particularly with respect to certain clubs and certain situations, is much improved.  Even when things aren't perfect now, the misses are less disastrous.  I don't go into the downward spiral too often.  I'm much more "in the moment" when I'm setting up and preparing to hit because I have a plan.

Thanks for inviting me to participate--it has been great!

(Did I tell you I got a birdie on 5??!!)